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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich
About Studio

A unique acoustic room (for recording vocals and instruments) created by “Acoustic Technologies” for K.S.S. The combination of sound reflecting and sound absorbing elements of internal structure do not cause discomfort during work. Due to the room characteristics it is fully consistent with the conditions for obtaining high-quality vocal recordings, acoustic instruments, guitars and percussion. Moreover, there is a video monitor for comfortable audio post-production work for TV commercial and movies.

Services and the cost:


Demo recording (1 hour of recording, 30 minutes – editing and mixing)* – n\a uah

Restoring phonograms –  n\a uah
Studio time –  n\a uah
Editing (vocal or instrumental parts) –  n\a uah
Arrangement –  n\a uah
Mixing –  n\a uah
Mastering -  n\a uah

* tonal correction of vocal or instrumental part - an additional service, negotiated separately

K.S.S. Studio offers such extra services as:

  • producing vocal recordings;
  • searching and recording narrators, back vocalists, unique instruments;
  • rental of recording equipment (extra equipment for specific needs);
  • editing drum part with replacement of sounds, etc.

We are always ready to collaborate with musicians who work in such styles as pop, pop rock, rock, jazz, hip-hop, rap and with DJs.




A unique acoustic room made by “Acoustic Technologies” for recording vocals and instruments.
Recording system: ProTools HD1 (96 i/o), ProTools LE
Microphones: MXL Genesis II, RODE K2, Neuman U87, MXL V69, Shure 55 (классика джаза)
Preamp:  Focusrite ISA 430 MK2, Summit Audio TLA 100, UA 4-710d, ISA 220
Guitar cabinet: Ibanez Thermion 120
Headphones: Audiotechnica ATH 30M, Beyerdynamic DT 770, AKG 245
And also extra equipment and wires.

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