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Pro Tools

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Pro Tools has more than 10-year history. This software is the de facto standard in digital recording industry. Nowadays it is one of the best programs for recording. You can find ProTools as at music studios that are very well known all over the world as at small home studios. This program became so popular because it can do almost everything - from arranging to mastering.
Pro Tools (was created by AVID).
AVID  - is a revolutionary in the field of multimedia and has lots of Oscar, Emmy and Grammy awards. That’s all because its products are made by professionals and for professionals.

Не так давно AVID released the 9th generation of Pro Tools not so long ago. All innovations helped to take wider positions in the media market. The main features of new version are:
- the program is no longer divided to several versions as it was before (LE/M-Powered/HD). Now it is one program that works as on Mac as on PC. Now used can chose what type of license is needed.
- Ninth version no longer requires expensive hardware to work with it. Moreover Pro Tools 9 can use any hardware that supports Core Audio on Mac or ASIO on PC.
- A compensation function of signal delay and processing (Automatic Delay Compensation) was added to a native variant
These all helped a program to become more accessible to ordinary users and received the approval of big studios.
If you want to work at professional music studio with famous artists or you dream about making sound for movies, video games and TVC – ProTools is your choice.
Kiev Sound School offers several levels of learning Pro Tools: basic, middle and advanced.
You may choose any level according to your basic knowledge of this program.
In case your skills are close to 0, basic level will be excellent for you. It is targeted at people who want to get a basic understanding of the functional and work in Pro Tools. It’s based on an official course AVID Pro Tools 101
In case you have good basic skills, you can chose more complicated course based on AVID Pro Tools 110 course.
Next levels are 201 and 210.

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