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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich

Let us imagine that you want to learn how to implement your creative and musical ideas, but, unfortunately, there is a range of barriers.

Have no time? Do you live in another city or, maybe, in another country?

No problem!

Kiev Sound School is ready to offer you on-line lessons. Taking into account specification of courses, not all of them will be available in on-line mode. In the beginning only Cubase 101, Pro Tools 101, Ableton Jump-In! and Cubase Special can be chosen.

You will work directly in a program (installed on your computer) from the start of your lessons. So it will be a real "interactive" mode.



KievSoundSchool on-line



Nowadays on-line education is widely spread. Practice shows that on-line lessons can be even more effective than traditional forms.
Kiev Sound School appreciates the time of our students and offers on-line courses ProTools, Cubase, Ableton*

As well as composition, arrangement and sound design studio.
Advantages of on-line education:
-          you don’t have to attend lessons in our classes if you live in another city or country
-          lessons take place in familiar and comfortable environment to you
-          we take into consideration the way of thinking and future aim of each student. That’s why educational program can be corrected. All attention is paid only to you.
-          Individual schedule
-          You can take as many lessons per week as you want (1-5 times)
-          You get the same information, educational material and amount of knowledge as on a daytime mode.

To start you should have:
-          computer (with a web camera** and microphone***
-          reliable internet connection

-          TeamViewer http://www.teamviewer.com/ru/index.aspx?cdsplit=C
-          Skype
-          Software you want to learn (If it is not installed your trainer can do it on-line)


A lesson:
Our trainer calls you via Skype at the agreed time. Your computer should be prepared for work (all instructions you receive beforehand in email).
Than your computer is connected to VPN-client. So now you and your trainer can use the same system simultaneously. Communication takes place through Skype in a voice mode****

All results of practical assignments are placed into a specially created folder. Trainer downloads them to check for errors.

There are key phases in each course, so K.S.S. creates and sends students special documents (PDF) for more in-depth study. Free PDF reader is available here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/


Order and payment:

  1. Chose a course and contact our administrator via email. Write “On-line” in email subject line.

Please, also specify the configuration of your computer with indication of the operating system (version, language, word length) and sound card model (if available). This information will help to prepare your computer for work correctly and to avoid different mistakes.

  1. K.S.S. form the schedule and cost of your lessons (modification of the course is possible according to specific needs of students).
  2. student makes payment (cash or bank transfer)
  3. student receives instructions for preparing computer for work (Preparation time is calculated based on the average ordinary user capabilities, and it takes maximum 2 days from the date of instructions are received).

If you make bank transfer, please, let us know that money is transferred. You can receive banking details from our administrator.

So now your lessons can be started. We use GoogleDocsCalendar for all schedules. You’ll receive personal notices as for your next lessons.

Are you ready to order a course? Than contact us: kievsoundschool@gmail.com

We work for you!
*ProTools 8 LE, ProTools 9 (in case user has a license),
ProTools 10 (in case user has a license),Cubase 6 Elements (or any other higher version; in case user has license), AbletonLiveLight – current version (available from official website)


**web-camera is not necessary

***you must have a microphone


**** checking voice connection in Team Viewer is in process. This system will probably substitute Skype in future.



Sincerely yours


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