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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich

Do you want to be a musician but still haven't decided what kind of instrument to chose? Do you want to make your technique better or to learn completely new music style?

Start training now!

In Kiev Sound School you can chose type of training according to your basic skills. There are no age or sex qualifications. You pass the interview, based on which we are sending you to one of our three teachers.

Technical base of K.S.S. allows you to record what you play for further analysis and improving your performance.

You will learn how to care for an instrument correctly, to configure and repair, to replace parts and strings. Moreover, you will know how to apply a variety of additional devices, to work with the guitar amp and a cabinet while a live performance and recording.

We are waiting for you on our school!


Sincerely yours,

Kiev Sound School

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