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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich


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A lot of great developments in the field of multimedia software belong to Steinberg.
Cubase - is professional software for writing, recording and mixing music of absolutely different genres.
The program is widely used by professional musicians all over the world. It is a really powerful virtual multitrack studio to work with audio and MIDI with the possibility of sampling, virtual studio of synthesis, remixing, overdubbing video, etc.
Steinberg was created by Karl Steinberg and Manfred Rurup in 1984. The first version of Cubase was released two years later. In 1996 a company implemented a unique technology VST (Virtual Studio Technology), which allowed to process digital signal in real time. It became a revelation for musicians. The fifth version of Cubase was released in 2009. It supported 64bit technology for Windows 7 and MacOSX. This version had new drum-machine, tool for editing vocal, changing intonation in a real time and tools for managing VST instruments.

Cubase is one of the three the most awesome products of Steinberg in the sphere of plugin with external effect-processors and many MIDI-interfaces. Cubase is a great program if you want to learn how to create professional arrangements, mix and master your music tracks. It enables you to work as at your own home studio as at any big sound studio, audio production on TV channel, etc.

Kiev Sound School offers several levels of learning Cubase: basic, middle and advanced. You may choose any level according to your basic knowledge of this program. In case your skills are close to 0, basic level will be excellent for you. It is targeted at people who want to get a basic understanding of the functional and work in Cubase.
We are always ready to help you to unleash your potential.

Sincerely yours, Kiev Sound School

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