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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich

Composer is a person who can create literally.

People who create musical canvas historically cause different emotions that push other people to do something that they cannot effort to do in day-to-day life. Composers have always been highly appreciated people. They have been feared and respected, in part equaling to alchemists and magicians.

Nowadays composers have much more possibilities to create music. Technical innovations widened framework of the academic schools and gave birth to lots of new styles, genres and directions. Some of them are completely primitive but some are very difficult that it is not so easy for understanding.

But there is a set of simple rules in the basis of any composition and its combination makes it possible to create new structures.

Kiev Sound School offers a study of composition based on music theory, ear training and harmony. But besides academic rules we will reveal to you the possibility of interaction between historical traditions with the realities of our day.

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