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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich

Kiev Sound School is a professional training center.

We will help you to receive basic knowledge or improve your existing level in the sound engineering field. Using these skills you can work at music studios, sound post-production studios, concert halls or create your own music material.


K.S.S. gives really good theoretical and practical basis. You create music tracks, work with live sessions, plug in professional devices, etc. Besides lessons with trainers we provided a range of homework. One of our advantages is that students study in real studio and stage conditions.


Other advantages of Kiev Sound School are:

  • certified trainers with a huge experience in show business
  • partnership with leading distributors such as Jazz Club and MuzTorg
  • our students can get Steinberg certificates
  • all educational programs are based on official courses of manufacturers with additions of our trainers
  • practice at the best sound studios (in case of excellent results)
  • we take into account the wishes of our students
  • small groups (2 or 4 students)
  • individual education
  • flexible schedule
  • comfortable location
  • no age qualification
  • thematic master classes

The main task of K.S.S. is your professional and creative growth in the sphere of arrangement, composition and sound engineering. We give knowledge and solid basis, give consultations and help our students, charge with creative energy and stimulate the growth of each individual.


Here you can find all information about our courses, studio, master-classes and learn news from our friends and partners.


Thank you for your interest in Kiev Sound School!


For more detailed information, please, call or e-mail us: +380 67 191 31 76 kievsoundschool@gmail.com

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