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Melody is a thought, is movement, is the soul of music.
D. Shostakovich


Ableton Live!

Official web site: http://www.ableton.com/



Ableton was founded in 1999 by Gerhard Behles and Bernd Roggendorf. They started this program in order to get multipurpose mobile studio for musicians of different levels.


Gerhard Behles once said they wanted to create a program with the functional of Logic, ease of management from Acid and interface of ProTools.

Live was introduced to the market in late 2001 and interested lots of users. Twelve “general versions” were released during 10 years. Each of them contained radical additions that made Ableton become more and more popular program.

The company is based in the heart of Berlin, next to a large number of famous music venues and great clubs. Such location is not a result of random choice. The spirit of modern and speed of creation, sharing and testing of new music ideas directly to the public – that is another fundamental idea of the founding fathers of the company.

Many electronic musicians and DJs collaborate with Ableton. They introduce new ideas into the program and its modules. During the last several years Ableton released some revolutionary additions that enables to work in the studio as well as on live shows.

Kiev Sound School will help you to implement your creative ideas into real life with the help of Ableton Live! You will learn not only how to create music, but also you will be able to use this knowledge in your work on gigs and club stages.

Now we offer a basic level. It includes the study of basic functional, main principles of work, application in practice of composition and DJing. This course is flexible so it can be adapted to the student.

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