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AVID Pro Tools 10 Trial for free !!!

2011-12-09 00:44:52


After long time AVID re-enables users to pre-test their products before buy.
Legendary audio host Pro Tools is available here  http://www.avid.com/Trial/ProTools?cmpid=70140000000TeXi
Now it is version 10. Software is available as  Pro Tools 10 (for common users and HD Native users)  and  Pro Tools 10 HD (for HD and HD Native users). The user who does not have the AVID equipment may not have to worry. They have a chance to test and taste Pro Tools even using their "built-in" audio cards from their lap-tops. The limitation may be only the amount of memory and operating system.
Over the past couple of years, Pro Tools software has undergone several major changes. One of the biggest steps was undocked from the host "hardware" of the manufacturer. Thus a much larger number of users can be considered Pro Tools as their choice. 
Over there is no division into "castes" :) The installer is no longer divided for Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools HD. Starting with version 9.0 Pro Tools comes in one multiplatform DVD. The difference is now only a version of the license acquired by the user. A license is a USB key iLok. And it still may be a slight obstacle to the desire to try a 30-day trial as a must-buy this key.
So carefully read the instructions on the official site.
Good luck! :)

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